Smart Dogs is a Dumb Idea

Phew, what a long morning. Last week, I volunteered to cook for about 20 volunteers who were working on a construction project. Today happened to be the day.

My original plan was to make something cheap yet a little different. I opted for fried rice initially. Seeing that the best fried rice requires cold leftover rice, I spent Thursday firing up 2 rice cookers for this endeavor.

And then I get an email telling me that finger food is preferred. That along with expecting 28 people instead. Fried rice wouldn’t really fly (more one the leftover rice next time) so I went for some serious chili dogs with cheese. Having been vegan and having to put up with the difficulty of finding vegan/vegetarian food, I had to have a vegetarian option of course.

Enter the Smartdog:

They really aren’t so smart an idea

Which brings me to the point where I was. With all 4 burners of the stove burning, I was skimming off fat from the chili when I smelled something really funky, kind of a hybrid of bleach and really disgusting cheap plastic wrap. I had no idea what it was initially until I look down and realized that steam from the veggie dogs were blowing in my face.

It tasted as bad as it smelled. My sort-of-vegetarian-but-no-longer friend couldn’t handle them. My roommate and former vegan Jeremy wouldn’t even try them.

So a note to all of you out there – avoid the smart dog. Seriously.


A Slow Start is Still A Start…

Pardon the emptiness for now. It’s been kind of hard to get started after taking a 2 month break from blogging. I’ll be making things happen though.

I’ve still been busy pushing my cooking to greater heights and learning more about the culinary world.  It has been hard being ‘in the moment’ with my cooking while trying to take pictures and document things. IMO, it somehow disrupts the flow so I’m trying to find that balance.

In other news, for the next 12 months, I’ll be involved in Charcutepalooza. I’m excited. I already have a home cured duck prosciutto hanging in my pantry along with some Duck confit in the fridge. Details to come.