When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Confit

Over the last weekend, I decided to check out Central Market’s Citrusfest. As mentioned by David Lebovitz, Central Market has quite the spread of citruses over this period.

I knew there were a few varieties of citrus but I honestly don’t really know too much about one from the other.  I mean, what’s the real difference between a Meyer and a Lisbon lemon? (Lisbon lemons are usually grown year round and are your typical grocery store lemon.)

Anyway, I’ve heard quite a bit about the Meyer lemon and they looked really great, quite unlike the regular dry hard-as-rock type lemon. Seriously, I don’t think I could ever squeeze more than a couple of drops of juice from a generic store bought lemon. But I digress.

So with tons of lemons on hand (well, in a bag really) and a charcuterie kick (thanks to Charcutepalooza), I set off to make some lemon confit.

Meyer Lemons

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Yet Another First – Duck Confit

So after my last duck prosciutto adventure, I had 2 spare duck legs. (The carcass was obviously going to be used for stock.)

I initially thought about roasting or braising those legs but I figured I would make duck confit instead.


Duck legs, woohoo!

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Smart Dogs is a Dumb Idea

Phew, what a long morning. Last week, I volunteered to cook for about 20 volunteers who were working on a construction project. Today happened to be the day.

My original plan was to make something cheap yet a little different. I opted for fried rice initially. Seeing that the best fried rice requires cold leftover rice, I spent Thursday firing up 2 rice cookers for this endeavor.

And then I get an email telling me that finger food is preferred. That along with expecting 28 people instead. Fried rice wouldn’t really fly (more one the leftover rice next time) so I went for some serious chili dogs with cheese. Having been vegan and having to put up with the difficulty of finding vegan/vegetarian food, I had to have a vegetarian option of course.

Enter the Smartdog:

They really aren’t so smart an idea

Which brings me to the point where I was. With all 4 burners of the stove burning, I was skimming off fat from the chili when I smelled something really funky, kind of a hybrid of bleach and really disgusting cheap plastic wrap. I had no idea what it was initially until I look down and realized that steam from the veggie dogs were blowing in my face.

It tasted as bad as it smelled. My sort-of-vegetarian-but-no-longer friend couldn’t handle them. My roommate and former vegan Jeremy wouldn’t even try them.

So a note to all of you out there – avoid the smart dog. Seriously.