It’s a Season to take a Wok

Until last Saturday, I did not own a wok. I know, huge surprise.

I seem to be slightly behind when it comes to Asian cooking tools. I mean, I did not have a rice cooker till a couple of year ago when I moved in with a roommate who had one. And then, there’s the wok.

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Kitchen Tip: The Disposable Container

Disposable Containers - Stack 'em High!

The biggest problems I used to have in my pantry was that there were too darn many bags. Bags of quinoa, black beans, and lentils lay scattered and hiding half used packets of dried mushrooms and seaweed. I’m not the most organized person in the world but sometimes, trying to find the right bag would drive me crazy. Not to mention my roommates packet of instant rice would somehow mix in with it. I’m generally too cheap and lazy to count to get individual containers for all these items.

Enter the disposable food container.

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