My Breakfast of Champs is an English One

Oh the delights of the full English breakfast. One of my favorite things to do on a weekend morning is to whip up one of these hearty bad boys, crack open a Guinness, and watch a game of English football (aka soccer.)


For the uninitiated, the full English breakfast can consist of several delicious components:


Baked beans – Heinz is my way to go

Bacon – Home made if you have it, thick cut preferable

Sausage – I’m more partial to the English style sausages which are more similar to brats than the typical American breakfast sausage

Eggs – I like over easy

Potato – in the form of hash browns, fried diced potatoes etc.

Bread – Toast or some kind of bread for soaking up that goodness

Fried tomatoes – sounds weird but it’s all so good

Mushrooms – Sliced up or whole and sautéed

Black pudding – Can be hard to get. I love them but some find them gross


That’s a lot of components but not every ingredient needs to be included. I tend to be pretty contented with baked beans, bacon, sausage, eggs and mushrooms. Potatoes are great but I get too lazy to make hash browns. I also love a good fried tomato, they’re just not the greatest thing in February.


Of course, you could go to an English or Irish pub to get one. I’ve had many great ones but I’ve also had my fair share of sloppily prepared full breakfasts.


So why not make it at home? It seems like with so many components, putting a full breakfast together can be tedious. However, with some planning and coordination, putting together a full breakfast is painless and delicious. The best part is consuming it in the comfort of your own home, where falling asleep on the couch after the game gives an added incentive.


Also, I started to realize that I have a hard time following wordy recipes. When reading a recipe or coming up with a dish, I tend to focus on the components and techniques before sometimes jotting it down. This is how preparing an English breakfast would look like in my mind:


Kitchen Tip: The Disposable Container

Disposable Containers - Stack 'em High!

The biggest problems I used to have in my pantry was that there were too darn many bags. Bags of quinoa, black beans, and lentils lay scattered and hiding half used packets of dried mushrooms and seaweed. I’m not the most organized person in the world but sometimes, trying to find the right bag would drive me crazy. Not to mention my roommates packet of instant rice would somehow mix in with it. I’m generally too cheap and lazy to count to get individual containers for all these items.

Enter the disposable food container.

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