An Interesting Read About Seafood Regarding Both Sides of the Picture

This article from the Goodeater collaborative sheds some interesting light regarding seafood. Points 4 and 5 are particularly intriguing.


Ode to Nose to Tail


I just received Fergus Henderson’s The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating in the mail last night and it got me all excited. Unfortunately, not many share the same excitement as I do about consuming offal, or as some call it the Nasty Bits. Making our dulled out taste buds appreciate something as rich in flavor as offal requires a certain level of skill, or at least a good understanding of the ingredient.

I didn’t like offal (in the form of pig’s liver) when I was first introduced to it as a child. It tasted pasty and smelled nasty, like really old over-boiled eggs. My offal ‘ahuh’ moment didn’t come till a few years later. Still a kid, I had some pig’s intestine (somewhat similar to chitlins) in a bowl of very familiar Chinese pork soup otherwise known as bak kut teh. It didn’t taste the slightest bit porky. It was tender, creamy and delicious. My world was changed.

The following is an edit of an earlier post I wrote when I went vegan for a month. It kind of explains my “philosophy” and approach to meat.

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