First Breakfast in Singapore

I just arrived in Singapore a few days back. Here’s what I had for breakfast immediately after a long 24 hour flight. That’s right, I ate all of this for breakfast. Cornflakes are NOT the breakfast of champions.

Won Ton Noodles

Won Ton Noodles
Topped with char siew (the red pieces of meat, which is really barbequed pork), won tons and tossed with some sauces, this is a Cantonese staple. You’ll see quite a bit of this in Hong Kong too.


Chicken Feet Noodles
Ok, I get it. Chicken feet for breakfast might sound kind of gross. But if you can get past that, this is actually pretty dang delicious. It’s noodles in some excellent dark baising liquid.


Kueh Chap 
A mix of braised pork, chitterlings, pork skin, eggs and various beancurd products. Some of it’s for the adventurous, even by Singaporean standards. It’s usually accompanied by a bowl of rice noodles in soup (not pictured). This is one of my favorite foods. Ever.


 Lor Mai Fun (aka glutinous rice)
Think of this as dirty rice that’s sticky. Done the Asian way. For breakfast. Blowing your mind? I thought so.
 Carrot Cake
Yeah, this isn’t your typical carrot cake. I think more accurately, it should be radish cake but they call it carrot cake around here. You take steamed carrot cakes and stir fry them with egg, an array of sauces and sometimes shrimp.


Chwee Kueh
These are steamed rice cakes topped with preserved raddish with a healthy dose of chili on the side. The rice cakes alone are pretty plain, but they go real well with the sweet and salty raddish topping.


Pork and Century Egg Porridge/Congee
I never really got when this is called porridge or congee. Anyway, this isn’t anything like oats porridge. To begin with, it’s made with rice. Also, it’s savory. They can come with different meats in it, ranging from fish to pork. My favorite is with a mix of pork and century egg. (It’s a preserved egg that’s black and looks utterly disgusting but I looove it. Don’t judge.) Oh yeah, and you top it off with a healthy dose of fried dough sticks. (That’s the brown stuff). I love this for breakfast or when I’m feeling sick (it acts like my chicken noodle soup then). 

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