Not Purple Drink but Purple Cauliflower. With Pasta.

I was at a party about a week ago and there was a vegetable platter. There was some purple cauliflower which to my surprise was rather foreign to most.

The purple in purple cauliflower isn’t caused by dying but by the presence of anthocyanin. From what I read, they have high antioxidant properties but I’ll leave the food scientist types to explain that to you. I believe this pigment is also present in wine, eggplants and purple corn. Purple cauliflower is quite a lot like regular cauliflower, although I’ve read that some people have difficulties achieving the same crunch when roasting. The color also tends to bleed when boiling.

Anyway, I made a simple purple cauliflower dish, utilizing not only the floret but the leaves that came with the head of the cauliflower as well.

Cauliflower leaves. Why waste them when you've got them? Plus, they're delicious.

Since everything goes well with bacon, the use of salted pork was in order.  I used home cured pork confit as my oil base. The pork confit was a simple cured pork belly, the same used for bacon, cooked low and slow in lard as opposed to the smoking you would normally do with regular bacon.  The pork confit was rendered till crisp and the rendered oil was infused with sliced garlic.

Rendering the pork confit while infusing with the lard with garlic. The garlic crisped up which adds to the dish.

Some lightly boiled purple cauliflower florets and leaves were added to the pan to dry out.

Finally, slightly underdone pasta was added to the pan along with a small bit of pasta water to finish cooking with the cauliflower & oil mix.

Purple Cauliflower with Pasta

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