About Garlic

I read this from Ruhlman today which led me to this article on the garlic germ.

As Dr. Ricky’s comments mention, taste is subjective and I agree. As such, I feel that it is very  important to understand your ingredient in order to create the desired effect.

It’s helpful to know what makes garlic more or less ‘garlicky’. That way, you get to pick the right one for the right application.

In summary:

  • Processed raw garlic loses its ability to produce allicin and hence it’s ‘essence of garlic’
  • Using minced garlic 10-15 minutes later will make it smell more garlicky
  • Garlic germ does not necessarily contribute to bitterness. It could potentially produce more ‘garlicky’ and ‘off-flavors’. Depending on your palate, this could be a good or bad thing.

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