The Rituals of Brew Weekend


Oh the beloved beer brewing weekend.  The holidays have taken its toll. After more than a month of brewing inactivity, the kegs on tap are empty. Store bought beer is slowly invading the fridge. The cheerfully delightfulness of wonderful hop aroma from the beer closet is missing.

Fortunately, we are back to it again.

Brew Time!
It's Beer Brewing Weekend! We're happy!

Brew weekend is always marked by certain rituals. It is important and it’s imperative that we do not take brew weekend lightly. Outside of the actual brewing process, it seems like we always adhere to the same rituals every single time.

  • Go to the brewery store (defalcos) to get beer supplies in the late morning.
  • Grab a quick to-go lunch on the way home. Preferably a buffalo burger or some samosas.
  • Prepare beer mise en place. This entails sanitizing, setting up the outdoor stove, filling pots with water, storing hops properly etc. We somehow all know what to do to achieve maximum efficiency.
Preparing Brewing Mise
Preparing the brewing mise...



  • Start the brewing process. Lunch happens during the mashing. At the sparging stage, start playing a Kung Fu movie. This step is crucial and perhaps the most important.
Brewing Mise Prepped
The Mise is ready (In this case, a coconut porter) A well prepared mise is crucial during the boil so you don't miss too much of the ongoing Kung Fu movie.
  • The end of the movie should coincide with the end of the boil. Everybody gets on board to help with chilling the wort and cleaning up.


Drinking While Brewing
*Note, if beer is on hand, it is perfectly acceptable (and in fact expected) to be drinking it all through the process.


So there folks, that’s what brewing weekend rituals are about. It probably doesn’t tell you much about how to brew (or does it), but it sure tells you how to have fun while doing it. More on the actual technicalities of the brewing process next time.



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