Salt Cure Part 1 – Rub Mai Belly

So January 15th’s Charcutepalooza challenge is the salt cure. I already had 2lbs of pork belly from Olde World Farms so why not just dive right in and make some bacon. (No pancetta here since the strip of belly isn’t really suited to rolling.)

The Initial Cure of Belly Strips

To my slight dismay, I found out after defrosting and opening the vacuum pack that the pork belly did not have its skin on. Also, notice that one end is significantly fatter than the other end. I wasn’t sure how this would affect the final bacon product. However, since I already  defrosted the meat and didn’t really have that much time the rest of the week to do something else with it, I went with curing the whole slab of belly using a standard curing mix. (2 parts salt, 1 part sugar by weight, and 10% of that total weight in pink curing salt/prague powder #1)

Pork Belly Strip
Pork Belly Strip

The meat was left to cure in the fridge. The fatter bit for confit for 24 hours and the other leaner slab for my attempt at bacon.


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