Yet Another First – Duck Confit

So after my last duck prosciutto adventure, I had 2 spare duck legs. (The carcass was obviously going to be used for stock.)

I initially thought about roasting or braising those legs but I figured I would make duck confit instead.


Duck legs, woohoo!


My procedure was really simple

  1. Cover duck legs in salt and some herbs (rosemary) and spices (pepper).
  2. Wait 24 hours
  3. Rinses and dry legs, poach in fat in a 225F oven for 2 hours




From what I read, you could usually render enough quite a bit of fat from a whole duck to do the confit. However, the pastured duck from Oaks of Mamre was REALLY lean. You’d be hard pressed to find any fat on this bad boy. So I headed to the nearby Fiesta mart to attempt to get some lard. To my delight, they had plenty of the stuff there, given it was probably from generic factory farmed pigs. (I have little ethical qualms consuming the ‘nasty bits’ of factory farmed animals though since those animals were raised for their other parts to begin with.)


Mmm.... Lard

Two hours wasn’t enough to properly confit the duck legs though – I had one and it was still really tough. I wouldn’t left them in longer but I had to free up the oven to roast some chicken for a dinner party. The fix for this would have to come when I attempt a pork belly confit.


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